What Really Happened Between Corinna Kopf And Toddy Smith? - Nicki Swift (2024)

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What Really Happened Between Corinna Kopf And Toddy Smith? - Nicki Swift (1)

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It seems like Corinna Kopf has been an online fixture since the birth of YouTube, although, in fairness, she was only 10 years oldwhen the platform launched in 2005. However, she was one of the early breakout stars, racking up over 1.7 million subscribers. She became so successful that even her parents launched a channel. Kopf is renowned for her gaming skills and TMI tea-spilling about her complex love life.

Her social media currency increased even further in 2015 when she began appearing as part of social media mega-star David Dobrik's VlogSquad. And, when we say mega-star, we mean mega. Dobrik has 18.2 million subscribers. According to Celebrity Net Worth, by 25 years old, the streamer was worth $20 million. In Dobrik's VlogSquad vids, Kopf played up her blonde good looks.

She was often the butt of the joke — no pun intended — with skits featuring her supposedly attempting to get it on with every other male in the group. All while engaging in a "relationship" with Dobvrik. However, there was only one man Kopf was really interested in: fellow VlogSquad member Toddy Smith. They started dating in 2017. Their relationship was regularly featured in Dobvrik's vids and in content posted on their own channels. However, in April 2018, the couple split. "We broke up, but we're still friends," Kopf titled a YouTube video. "This isn't clickbait,"she insisted in the subheading. So, what really happened between Kopf and Smith?

Corinna Kopf and Toddy Smith lost their friends with benefits

What Really Happened Between Corinna Kopf And Toddy Smith? - Nicki Swift (2)

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Corinna Kopf and Toddy Smith's relationship was tumultuous. The couple was often videoed freaking out, splitting up, and making up. It seemed they had one-way tickets to Splitsville and were just waiting for the train to depart. "It was just like friends with benefits, I guess at first," Kopf explained to YouTuberBrandon Calvillo post-split. "And then maybe became something more?" She admitted neither of them was interested in dating at the time, and she'd just "wanted somebody there for me." However, Kopf said she'd developed feelings for Smith that weren't reciprocated.

"We're not together anymore for a couple of months," Smith told Calvillo. He said Kopf was "doing her own thing" and needed space. However, they still remained friends and continued to hang out together. The actual timeline around the breakup is kind of hazy, as Smith still referred to Kopf as his girlfriend during his Streamy Awards acceptance speech in April 2018, around the time they'd announced their breakup. "I wanna apologize to my girlfriend Corinna Kopf for blacking out during Coachella and not calling you back," he said. "I love you."

Meanwhile, the two continue to film together as part of VlogSquad. Discoveryannounced David Dobrik would be taking the crew worldwide as part of a new travel show — despite the shady side of Dobrik being exposed viamultiple accusations of problematic behavior. So, what's the haps with Kopf and Smith now?

Corinna Kopf and Toddy Smith have both moved on

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Corinna Kopf and Toddy Smith remain friends, but they've moved on. Smith is focusing on his podcast. "To make sure I wasn't just another narcissist jumping through hoops just to hear their own voice, I asked myself, 'What am I offering my audience?'" he explained in an Insta post. Smith said he had no clue, so he just started a podcast "with no idea what exactly that white millennial verb phrase entailed." He's also dating model Natalie Noel. She features heavily on his Insta feed, including a recent video of her looking at kittens, captioned, "my girlfriend is stuck."

Kopf hooked up with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul, whose dating history reads like a who's who of models and hot influencers. She went on to date fellow gamer Turner Tenney aka Tfue, but they split after a year. However, her gaming days appear to be over, as Twitch has absolutely had it with Kopf. So, now single, she's begun seriously cashing in on her good looks and sexy image.

However, Kopf is far from the ditzy blonde she appeared to be in David Dobrik's vlogs; she's a savvy businesswoman. Kopf, who goes by "pouty girl" on her social, started an OnlyFans account, and she's making some serious bank. Kopf announced the launch in 2021 and already has 1.33 million likes. In one of Dobrik's vlogs, she claimed to have made "a little over a million dollars" in the first 48 hours.


What Really Happened Between Corinna Kopf And Toddy Smith? - Nicki Swift (2024)


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