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Address: 1326 S 14th St, Abilene, TX 79602

Phone: (325) 514-3991


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Daniela San Juan

My sons first big boy hair cut. I regret it and I should have did better research. You live and you learn.. 25$ wasted. Oh and I went to a friend and he fixed it up as much as he could cause it looked worse, and when I told My friend what the place was called “royal clips” he goes oh that’s “push back pat”……Haircut

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I’m very particular for my hair and once my barber moved I was on a mission to find “my barber” I’ve been everywhere and i finally found him! Top notch haircut and clean edges. The old school feel with a new school look. The hot towel straight razor puts the cherry on top. Highly recommend and call ahead appointments are key!

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Ricardo Novil

You’re better off waiting in line at the barbershop next door. Phatheads always has a long line but you will find out why if you get a haircut at royal clips. Royal clips has the worst ordor as soon as you walk in its hard to bare. The only barber in there is lazy, he takes a smoke break after every cut, he never cleans his clippers after a cut at all. He doesn’t even wrap your neck with tissue so after a cut you’ll have hair all down your neck and on your clothes. He doesn’t use alcohol and he doesn’t even touch up with a razor blade. When you tell him what kind of haircut you he doesn’t listen and he does his own thing on your head. Even if you just want a simple line up or a edge up he’ll still do his own thing and give you a fade just so he can charge you more for the cut. I have dreads and all I just wanted was a edge up and he still found a way to fade my sideburns just so he can charge me for it. If you don’t really care how you look after a haircut then this is the place for you but if you expect to look fresh after a cut then I strongly suggest you go anywhere else.

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Sammy Johnson

Don’t bad mouth a business, because one person doesn’t get you right. I’m saying this to whoever, cause it’s more than one person who cuts there. And the guy you went to is not a barber, he’s a Cosmetologist, so of course he didn’t line you up with a razor, BECAUSE IT’S ILLEGAL TO USE A STRAIGHT RAZOR AS A COSMETOLOGIST. I’m the only licensed Barber in the shop, and you damn sure didn’t come to me, cause I don’t smoke. So don’t talk about the Shop, say the individual, or it may not be the place for you. If there is any issues you may have with my post my name is Desmond I cut at Royal Clips, and I’ll express my thoughts about how you may feel, I cut in the middle part not the other side.

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Jason Lin

Desmond, one of the barbers there is great. He takes his time, so if he’s busy you will have to wait, but his haircut quality is 10/10. Man knows all the trends for hair, and get to know you too.

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Jessica Allen

Critical:Cleanliness,Professionalism,ValueThe guy was rough and left red marks after the red went away my son has burn marks now.. so I would not take your child there for a cut . I have pictures of his head 3hours after and some with the red marks after the cut.

The guy was rough and left red marks after the red went away my son has burn marks now.. so I would not take your child there for a cut . I have pictures of his head 3hours after and some with the red marks after the cut.

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Savannah Castillo

Take my sons there and he does A damn good job. My sons look great with a fresh fade. Definitely recommend going to see him.

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Jessie Bargas

Always does a great jobCame in clutch with some last min cuts. Highly recommend.

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Shawn May

Super cool dude. In and out looking great every time !

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Anthony Knox

Great cut every time!

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Royal Clips - Abilene, TX 79602 - Services and Reviews (2024)


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