My Granny’s Cocoa Cream Pie (2024)

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My Granny’s Cocoa Cream Pie recipe and video tutorial.

My Granny’s Cocoa Cream Pie always makes an appearance at holiday gatherings, it’s just one of those special holiday treats that everyone looks forward to!

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A few commonly asked questions:

    • How do you make an easy chocolate pudding pie from scratch?Let me show you how! With only seven ingredients you’ll be mixing one up in no time!
    • How long does it take to make chocolate pie?About 15-20 minutes for cook time and an hour of refrigeration (if you want it chilled).
  • How do you store Chocolate Cream Pie? Simply cover with tin foil or plastic wrap and store in the fridge.

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My great-granny was a very resourceful woman…

She lived through the Great Depression, and I grew up begging for any stories she would tell me of those days. While she always thought it was funny for a young girl to want to know about that time in history, she would still tell me what I wanted to know.

So, I would digin her cellar/basem*nt; finding all kinds of goodies. I loved everything that was old and had a story. I still do, that’s why I love old simple recipes. They have stories and life in them. This oldie was my granny’s, and she made the best pies!It’s simple and tasty.

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Thisrecipe isa lovely quick dessert often used during the 1930s and 1940s. You can use one and a half of the recipe for a deep dish pie. These are gorgeous deep dish pie pans.

Here is my step-by-step video on how to make a Chocolate Cream Pie and Pie Crust by Hand

I show you how to make a simple Cocoa Cream Pie (also called Easy Chocolate Pudding Pie) and give you a few hints and tips. We just refilmed this video and it’s got lots of pie making and how I make my pies.

And, if you’re like me and love finding a new channel to watch on YouTube, be sure and subscribe and like! We cover everything from adventures in simple, cozy living, recipes and tutorials, and more! Also, leave a comment and tell me what your favorite pie is! I love hearing from y’all.

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My Granny’s Cocoa Cream Pie always makes an appearance at holiday gatherings, it’s just one of those special holiday treats that everyone looks forward to!Bonus: this creamy cocoa cream pie is so easy to whip up.


  • ½c.cocoa
  • 1/2cupFlouror 1/4 c. cornstarch
  • 3egg yolks
  • 1c.sugar
  • ¼tsp.salt
  • 2c.milk
  • 1tsp.vanilla
  • 1tbspbutter
  • 1Pre-baked pie crust


  1. Mix cocoa, cornstarch, sugar, and salt, then add milk gradually, add in the beaten egg yolks while stirring in a pot over medium to medium-high heat on your stovetop.

  2. Cook until thick, whisking it until smooth. Don't stop stirring or leave the pot until it's nice and thick like pudding.

  3. Cream Pies take some time to thicken, so stirfor (5-10 minutes or until thickened). Using a heavy bottom pan really helps. Just keep it up until it thickens, add vanilla in after you take the pan off the heat and 1 Tbs of butter. Pour into a pre-baked pie shell. Put in the fridge to chill, and add whipped cream if you like. Or use the leftover egg whites for ameringuetopping!

    Watch the video if you are having any trouble.

Recipe Notes

Some people asked if you need to bake or freeze it… No, is the answer. It is an old-fashioned pudding. It thickens as you cook it. Cornstarch is a perfect gluten-free option.

*If making a deep dish pie you may want to double the recipe to fill it to the top. But, use your own discretion and experiment!

And here’s the printable recipe!Here’s another wonderful recipe, a Pumpkin Honey Cream Piethat is easy and delicious!

Looking for the perfect pie crust?

-Abby Jo

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My Granny’s Cocoa Cream Pie (2024)


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