19 Quiche Recipes You Can (and Should) Eat for Dinner (2024)


19 Quiche Recipes You Can (and Should) Eat for Dinner (1)

By Rebecca Shapiro

Published May 6, 2019

Quiche really had its heyday in the ’70s and ’80s, which means that it can feel a bit…dated. But we think it deserves a comeback in a major way. It’s easy (especially if you don’t go with a traditional flour crust), makes great leftovers and is a fabulous way to use up whatever random bits of cheese or veggies are languishing in the back of your fridge. In fact, instead of relegating quiche to stuffy brunches and bridal showers, we think it deserves a spot in your weekly dinner rotation. Here are 19 of our favorites to get you started.


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Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell

Quiche With A Gluten-free Sweet Potato Crust

Who needs butter and flower when you have roasted sweet potatoes? We love that they’re gluten-free and packed with vitamins—and they add extra flavor to this savory pie.

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Tomato, Basil And Caramelized Onion Quiche

We basically wait all year for fresh tomatoes for recipes like this. Serve with some simple mixed greens, and dinner is done.

Asparagus, Spinach And Feta Quiche

We can practically feel the vitamins coursing through our veins just thinking about this veggie-loaded pie from Coterie member Maria Lichty. With farmers market asparagus, it makes an excellent spring supper.

Paleo Spring Vegetable Quiche

We’re not sure that cavemen were really eating sophisticated quiches with plenty of fresh spring vegetables, but we’re certainly glad that this one is Paleo-friendly. And we promise: No one will ever guess that the flaky, buttery crust is also gluten-free and grain-free.

Butternut Squash, Arugula And Bacon Quiche

Set your phones to portrait mode—this gorgeous, colorful quiche is ready for its Insta debut. Plus, we always love the salty-sweet combo of bacon and butternut squash.

Photo: Eric Moran/Styling: Erin McDowell

Kale Quiche With Cheddar-rice Crust

For when you’re craving greens, but can’t face another lackluster kale salad. (Plus, we love the crispy, cheesy crust—which just happens to be gluten-free.)

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Puff Pastry Smoked Salmon And Goat Cheese Quiche

This quiche has definite ladies-who-lunch vibes, but it’s easy enough to throw together for a Tuesday night dinner. Just follow Coterie member Heidi Larsen’s advice and always keep a package of puff pastry on hand in your freezer.

Amy Neunsinger/Magnolia Table

Joanna Gaines’s Asparagus And Fontina Quiche

If we can’t get Joanna Gaines to come redecorate our kitchen, at least we can make her gorgeous quiche and pretend. With thin strips of asparagus and plenty of cheese, it’s basically everything we want in a meal.

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Arugula And Cremini Quiche With Gluten-free Almond Meal Crust

We love the combo of rich egg custard and peppery arugula. And with a butter-free, gluten-free almond crust, it’s an extremely healthy choice for dinner.

Deep Dish Spinach And Prosciutto Quiche With Toasted Sesame Crust

This massive, deep-dish-style quiche is not for the faint of heart (although there are two cups of Greek yogurt in the filling, which basically makes it a health food, right?).

Fried Garlic, Spinach And Goat Cheese Quiche

We didn’t know that fried garlic was a thing, but if Coterie member Gaby Dalkin is on board with it, so are we—especially when it’s paired with plenty of spinach and creamy goat cheese.

Simple Vegan Tofu Quiche

Quiche is usually the opposite of vegan-friendly. But thanks to the magic of tofu and a hash-brown crust, anything is possible.


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Easy Quiche

Thanks to a store-bought pie crust (we won’t tell if you don’t), this quiche is super easy to throw together for a last-minute dinner. Feel free to add in any veggies you’re trying to use up.

Sausage And Red Pepper Quiche

Quiche has a reputation for being delicate. But this one—packed with sausage, peppers, wild rice and mozzarella cheese—is as hearty and satisfying as they come.

Bacon Mushroom Make-ahead Quiche

With no cheese and almond milk swapped in for regular, this quiche is totally dairy-free. We officially believe in miracles.

Jalapeño, Pepper Jack And Turkey Bacon Quiche With Potato Crust

Coterie member Monique Volz recommends making extra and packing it for breakfasts and lunches all week long, and we always do what she says. But with jalapeños and pepper jack cheese, this pie has a serious kick, so pack some cooling avocado slices to serve on the side.

Ham And Cheese Quiche

When it comes to quiche, it doesn’t get any more classic than ham and cheese. And sometimes, you just can’t mess with tradition.

Mexican Quiche With Spiralized Sweet Potato Crust

Reminder: Your spiralizer isn’t just for making zoodles. Get creative like Coterie member Ali Maffucci and use it for this spicy, Tex-Mex inspired pie.

Leek, Mushroom And Goat Cheese Quiche

Coterie member Katie Workman is a master of stress-free weeknight meals. Pair this one with a side salad and you’re ready to roll.


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19 Quiche Recipes You Can (and Should) Eat for Dinner (21)

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19 Quiche Recipes You Can (and Should) Eat for Dinner (2024)


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